Vacant Executive Positions

Vancouver Minor is run by volunteers; without them we wouldn't exist.  Please help our league run smoothly and consider applying for a position below.  Inquiries welcome!
Contact President Mary McCann ASAP at 
Please apply well before Spring season starts!

2018 Division Directors 
  • 18U Midget-Filled
  • 15U Bantam -Filled
  • 13U Pee Wee -Filled
  • 11U Mosquito -Filled
  • 9U Tadpole-Left Open
  • 7U Rally Cap  - meets two times a week.  Skills book provided and Baseball Canada also provides a free phone app to help with Rally Cap drills. Filled
  • 5U Blastball -  Meets once a week typically Saturday-Filled
Description of Division Director Duties
  • [a]  Manages and supports the teams and players in this division
  • [b] Works with the program director in development of this division
  • [c] Conducts meetings with the team manager on matters pertaining to this division
  • [d] Looks after all matters within this division subject to board approval
  • [e] Works directly with the league registrar in regards to players in this division
  • [f] Works with the league registrar in making up teams
  • [g] Collects all coaching applications and forwards to Registrar
  • [h] Shall be responsible for the administration of a divisional tournament during the spring season (decided at board level when park schedule is created). 

Fundraiser-  Open
  • [a]  Works with board of directors in implementing existing fundraiser program
  • [b]  Works with program director to develop new fundraising ideas.
  • [c]  Collects or arranges for collection of funds during fundrasing events
  • [d]  Coordinates in bringing in league sponsors.

Treasurer - Open
The Treasurer shall;
  • [a]  Perform such duties as are herein set forth and such other duties as are customarily pertinent to the Office of Treasurer or may be assigned by the Executive.
  • [b]  Receive monies and securities and deposit same in a depository approved by the Executive.  Assist League Officials on procedures to deposit league funds.
  • [c]  Monitor, collect and keep all records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and securities of the Local League.  Ensure all cheques are written in agreement with policies  established in advance of such actions by the Executive.  All disbursements by cheques must have dual signatures.
  • [d]  Prepare statements for the Executive for every meeting and prepare an annual financial report as well as prepare a current financial report for the AGM, under the direction of the President, for submission to the Membership and Executive at the annual meeting.
  • [e] Must have some basic computer knowledge

Registrar - Normally 2 year term - Now 1yr Term-Filled
The Registrar shall;
[a] Record all player transactions and maintain an accurate and up-to- date record thereof.
[b] Receive and review applications for player candidates and assist the President in checking residence and age eligibility.
[c] Ensure distribution of Coach�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??s application forms to divisional directors on draft day.
Conduct the player auction or draft and all other player transaction or selection meetings.
[d] Prepare the Player registration list.
[e] Prepare for the President�??????�?????�????�???�??�?�¢??s signature and submission to B.C. Minor Baseball Association, team rosters, including players claimed, and the tournament team eligibility affidavit.
[f] Notify B.C. Minor Baseball Association of any subsequent player replacements or trades.
[g] Shall make deposits as required pertaining to registration.
[h] Records the information on registered coaches.
[I] Must have some basic computer knowledge.

Secretary 2yr tem  Filled

 [a]  Be responsible for recording the activities of the Local League and maintain appropriate files, mailing lists and necessary records.

 [b] Perform such duties as are herein specifically set forth, in addition to such other duties as are customarily pertinent to the office of Secretary or as may be assigned by the Executive.

 [c]   Give notice of all meetings of the Local League, the Executive and Committees.

 [d]   Keep the minutes of the meetings of the Members, the Executive and the Executive Committee, and cause them to be recorded in a book kept for that purpose.

 [e]   Shall conduct all correspondence not otherwise specifically delegated in connection with said meeting and shall be responsible for carrying out all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise committed.

 [f]   Notify Member, Executive, Officers and committee members of their election or appointment.

Equipment Manager - 1 year term -Filled

[a] Purchases all team equipment needs as outlined on budget approved by board.

[b] Arranges for distribution and collection of team equipment.

[c] Arranges for distribution and collection of team uniforms.

[d] Manages the storage facilities for the team equipment and uniforms.

[e] Makes a recommendation to the board of directors when new uniforms or an increase in equipment is needed.

Concession Manager 1 year term - Open 

[a} Manages the Operation of the League Concession Centre
[b] coordinates all activities in the concession centre

[c] Developes concession teamwork schedules

[d] Oversee the concession bond program with assistance of the registrar

[e] Deposits and maintain the cash flow needed for the concession

[f] Direct the duties of the purchaser and supervisors

Field Manager  1 year term - Open 

[a] Purchases equipment (rakes, shovels, misc. items) to keep the fields in adequate playing condition.

[b] Arranges for field repairs when needed.

[c] Liaison to the Vancouver Parks Board for all matters relating to fields and park matters.

[d] Works with the Vancouver Parks Board park manager in regards to storage of equipment and park use.

[e] Arranges for work parties when field maintenance is needed.

[f] Works with the program director. 

[g] Arranges and administrates the lining of the fields.

Umpire  Coordinator  1 year term- Filled

[a] Works with the program director to develop the program director to develop umpire training
[b] Arranges for new and existing umpires at all games played

[c] coordinates for all games played at our facilities 
[d] Look after maters relating to umpires

Board created positions to be filled
These three  positions are member at large positions - The persons who chooses to apply here will not need to attend all meetings & only  when the president's requests that you do so.You will not have an official position on the board you are just a helper when needed. If you feel this is the type of role for you - Please apply to the president
( Mary McCann- )

Volunteer Coordinator - Filled
Will liaison between player members & executive members.
Purpose of this position is to find volunteers that can help in our association's many activities. (Being computer literate is not necessary but would be very helpful for this position).

Risk Manager- Filled
  • Educate and direct Vancouver Minor coaches and volunteers on doing their police checks.
  • Collect & keep track of all volunteers' police checks, and report to president or vice president if an issue arises. 
  • Liaison between executive & family if there is an injury during a Vancouver Minor event.

Field / Park Maintenance Committee Committee - Open
If you wish to volunteer for this committee, New coordinator needed for 2018. 

Let's set an example for our children by giving the gift of time to our community.

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