Team Parent

Team Parent Duties

Duties vary among the teams depending on player age level.  It is between the Head Coach/Manager and Team Parent how many of the following duties the Team Parent will undertake.  Duties include, but aren't limited to, the following:
  • assist head coach/manager with administrative matters;
  • distribute league handouts or team announcements, such as game schedules;
  • gather player/parent contact info (including allergies or medical conditions) from Registrar, Coach or parents;
  • distribute/collect jersey & hats; keeps records of same; 
  • collect team tournament fees, jersey deposits, Toonie Toss & photo forms and Wrap-up Party orders;
  • arrange scorekeepers, pitch counters for games and alert coaches if umps not showing up (Mosquito & up);
  • assign field prep & raking rotation assignments among the parents, assign *Dugout Parent (Tadpole & below);
  • prepare snack assignment rotation if team agrees (usually Mosquito levels & below like post-game snacks);
  • organize team events such as team gift to coach(es) and season-end Pot Luck and Parents v. Kids game.
If both Team Parent and Coach agree, in some levels duties can also include to a limited degree - assisting the Head Coach/Manager with:
  • pitch count planning;
  • tournament entries & availability;
  • rainout rescheduling;
  • finding call-up or substitute players.
*Dugout Parent – for Tadpole level and below:  stays in dugout during game to help back catcher with gear, entertains (supervises) the players and keeps players’ attention to batter line-up and field positions.

Team Parents are awesome.
Those who help them out are awesome!

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