Spring Prices

Divisions available for 2017 are:
Blastball // Rally Cap // Tadpole // Mosquito // PeeWee A AA // Bantam A AA AAA // Midget AA AAA // Junior Men's



5U Blastball ... Birth years 2012 & 2013 ..... Price $25 .... After March 1, 2017:  $50 

7U Rally Cap .... Birth Years 2010 & 2011 ....... Price  $80. ....  After January 31st:  $90.

 9U Tadpole ...... Birth Years 2008 & 2009 ....... Price $110. .... After January 31st:  $130.

11U Mosquito .... Birth Years 2006 & 2007 ....... Price $140. .... After January 31st:  $180.

13U PeeWee* ..... Birth Years 2004 & 2005 ....... Price $200. .... After January 31st:  $250.

15U Bantam* ..... Birth Years 2002 & 2003 ....... Price $285. 

18U Midget AA* .. Birth Years 1999, 2000 & 2001.. Price $330.

25U Junior Men's..Birth Years 1992 - 1998 ........ Price $300.

*For rep PeeWee AA, Bantam AA & AAA and Midget AAA team fees:
Bantam AA, AAA and Midget AAA teams are a combined Spring and Summer season and are for the more competitive or advanced player (by try-out).  Typically, there is more commitment involved at the higher levels.  See Program Descriptions for more details.  All players wishing to try out for rep teams must register in their division above before attending evaluations.

If you are selected for these teams:
PeeWee AA:    Add $75. to base price of $200 ($250 after Jan 31).  Includes tournaments.  
Bantam AA:    Add $415. to base price of $285 for total of $700.  Includes 2 tournaments.
Bantam AAA:  Add $1,315. to base price of $285 for total of $1,600.  Includes tournaments, game jerseys and 4-8 week pre-season training. See:  15U AAA website.
Midget AAA ...  Add $820. to base price of $330 for total of $1,150.

Check your catchment prior to registration.

Spring Family Discounts:

* First registered player is full price. (please register oldest player to youngest player)
* Second registered player in a family - $20. off registration. 
* Third registered player in a family -  $30. off registration.
* Fourth registered player in a family - $40. off registration. 

If there are more players in the family, please contact our Registrar.
Discounts apply to player base registration fees only. 

Need Financial Assistance?  Click here for information.

New to VMB?  Our online registration system has 3 parts:
1.  Adult/Parent details  to create parent account
2.  Child details   to create child membership
3.  Registration portion.

If registering before April 9th, at end you can choose to pay online with credit card OR click "Skip & Pay Later".
Alternate Payment Options - Click here 
Check your catchment prior to registration.

Returning Players -- if you forgot your password, click "Register", use your email address to log-in and click "Forgot Password?" for instructions.  Please ensure your membership account shows your current address.

Need assistance with online registration?  Please email the Registrar.

$50 Concession Bond was removed in 2016.

If you wish to work off a portion of your baseball fees, please contact our President, Mary McCann, at flame_1010@hotmail.com to obtain permission to arrange a shift in our concession.

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