Junior Men (25U)

25 U Junior Men's Team is at capacity

  25U Junior Men's Team (birth years 1993-1999)   Ages 19 thru 24 years as of Dec 31st of current Spring season year.   

 Contact  Manager Tony Yee  at email: vancouverminorbaseball@hotmail.com

At the Jr Men's level base paths are set at 90 feet, and pitchers throw from 60', 6". Junior Men's is a wood bat league.

The Jr Men's division is about giving the players a chance to play, so teams have the option of playing "9 man ball", of batting everyone in the line-up, or anything in between. However, fair play rules are in effect, where each player must get at least one at bat and play three defensive innings in the field. The games are 9 innings, with a minimum of 7 innings in the event of a mercy.

All teams travel to play other associations within the Lower Mainland. This is a single season league, with games starting mid April and running until end of July.

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