VMB Family Day Coordinator
This volunteer will coordinate a VMBA Family Day where we celebrate ourselves as an association. This person will liaise with the VMBA Executive, Concession Manager and help photographer if need be to put together this full day event.

VMB Family Day Helpers
These volunteers will assist during the day as needed to run Toonie Toss, Team Photo Table, Bouncy Castle, etc. 

Signage Helpers
These volunteers will help put up and take down any signage that is required by the Association around local Vancouver schools and parks.  Co-ordinatie with VMBA Executive for direction (school grounds, parks & community centres). 

Public Relations & Marketing
This volunteer would liaise with newspapers, social media, etc. in getting VMBA’s name out into the community/

Field/Park Maintenance Committee
If you are physically capable to do park clean-up & field maintenance (cutting grass, edge trimming, raking leaves, garbage toting, etc) or you wish help in the maintenance of buildings at Nanaimo Park, please contact Vice President Tony Borean at

Putting up the Banners & Fences... April 2, 2016 @ 9:30 am

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