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Executive Meetings

Contact our president if you'd like to:

  • See current executive meeting minutes (if you're a current VMBA member in good standing)
  • Speak at an upcoming executive meeting or would like to have a topic discussed

2019 Season Slide Show

2019 Slide Show on YouTube

Concession Jobs Available for 2021!

Looking to make some serious fast cash or round out your volunteer hours? Come work or volunteer for VMBA's concession in 2021 spring/summer!

For more info click HERE.

2020 AGM

Friday September 25th 7pm 
@ Victoria Drive Community Hall 
(2198 E 43rd Ave, Vancouver BC)

To apply for a position contact the president.

To apply for a position and/or get information about any position up for renewal or vacant please contact the president.

Executive Positions Available in 2020 AGM

  • 25U Junior - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 18U Midget - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 15U Bantam - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 13U Pee Wee - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 11U Mosquito - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 9U Tad Pole - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 7U Rally Cap - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • 5U Blastball - 1yr term - Currently Held

League Positions

  • Concession Manager - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • Equipment Manager - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • Umpire Coordinator - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • Park Field Manager - 1yr term - Currently Held
  • Program Director - 1yr term - Currently Open
  • Registrar - 2yr term - Currently Open
  • Secretary - 2yr term - Currently Held
  • Vice President in Charge of Administration - 2yr term - Currently Open
  • President - 2yr term - Currently Held

Non-Executive Positions - (Board Created)

(Meeting attendance not required, must be accessible by email & phone)

  • Maintenance Committee - 1yr term - Currently Open
  • Volunteer Coordinator - 1yr term - Currently Open
  • Risk Manager - 1yr term - Currently Held

Coach at VMBA

Apply to coach for us


Work or volunteer in our concession in 2021, for more info click HERE!

Key Dates at Nanaimo Park

  • 2020 Summer Clinics at VMBA
    • July 15 - August 15
  • 2020 AGM
    • Friday September 25th 7pm @ Victoria Drive Community Hall

Rules and Resources

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2019 BCBUA Umpire Training Clinics

BC Minor Baseball Association

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It's customary for VMBA representatives to take photos or video during practices, games and other events. These pictures and videos (including team photos) may be used in:

  • Our website
  • Social media
  • Local newspapers
  • Local television
  • Promotional material

If you do not wish your child's photo, name or video to be published, you must notify the VMBA president in writing well in advance of the activity.


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